Pet Grooming in Virginia Beach

We love grooming dogs and cat alike. That’s what makes us happy, and we work really hard each day to make it a positive experience out of each grooming service we provide. We will do everything we can to keep our environment stress-free.
We don’t operate in the way that bigger high-volume salons do. What this means for you as a client is no more waiting for hours on end to pick up your pet! Our groomers work on one pet at a time, start to finish, with breaks included if needed for older dogs and puppies. Our grooming area is equipped with security cameras and climate control.

What to Expect

Our pet groomers will consult with you during your drop off to determine the unique haircut, or additional needs for your pet. You can also schedule any additional services you may want.

Once your pet is finished, the groomer will give you a courtesy phone call. Your pet can be picked up immediately or stay until closing, depending on what is convenient. We do ask that you please make any special pick-up arrangements at the time of appointment though. Thanks!

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Grooming Includes Additional Services:

  • Bath with Shampoo
  • Full Brush
  • Nail Trim
  • Hand Scissoring
  • Ear Pluck
  • External Anal Gland Expression
  • A Colorful Ribbon and/or bandana
  • Medicated Shampoos
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Deshedding
  • Hand Stripping
  • Nail Dremmeling
  • Furminator One to Ear Treatment
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Dog Grooming

We work with all types of dogs. From big, bushy dogs to small short-haired dogs and everything in between we groom all dogs from the Virginia Beach – Norfolk – Chesapeake – Hampton Roads area.

Working with curly-coated and long-coated breeds such as Poodles, Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, Bichon Frises, Yorkshire Terriers, Cotons de Tulears, Havaneses, , Malteses, Silky Terriers and more, all require a vast knowledge of the proper scissor techniques, coat preparation and drying procedures.

Cat Grooming

We provide a professional, fun, caring and safe cat grooming environment for our feline friends in the Virginia Beach area. We’re a local, family-owned salon and all guests receive personalized one-on-one attention during their stay with us.

Professional cat grooming is a highly specialized service and is inherently more dangerous for stylists than dog grooming. Prices will vary based on these factors: temperament, condition, and frequency of grooming. As true cat lovers, we understand how your cat may feel about being groomed and we provide care with compassion, empathy and encourage playfulness.

Give us a Call at (757) 995-5632